His work is inspired by rescuing the meaning and shining the value of nature, that nature that few see, that hidden nature; He emphasizes his aesthetic exploration in what he calls “those little details”. In that small micro cosmos that lives parallel to our world, which is alive and pulsating, press hard.

His tireless curiosity and deep exploration of sensations, lead him to put the magnifying glass in tiny worlds, aromas, shapes, textures, sounds and rhythms, giving voice and putting a macro to that honest beauty and silent that lives in parallel to our daily life and goes unnoticed. The trace of the termites that inhabit the wood, the fabric of the spiders that conquer the corners, that enter their subtle silk as if they were doors to other universes.

To speak of abandoned rooms being colonized by an organic reality, by the moss that takes the shine of the corners, of the walls corroded by the humidity of time, of the materials that tell stories, and that are poetry in themselves.