Margaret Greenhill, born in southern Chile in July 1983, Industrial Designer, director in psychodrama and spontaneous theater, has developed a career oriented to innovation and creativity, where she has served as co-founder and creative director at Ecos spa until 2014, awarding two patents for invention in the area of product engineering. He collaborated as a director and external expert of the center for research, innovation and industrial property, Diseño Capital DK, Chile.

At the design school, he experimented with different materials, feeling fascination for working with resins and plastics, the artistic forge in iron and later the silver work in gold. She has also worked as a teacher and facilitator in creative empowerment techniques; work that has oriented to understand and disseminate that creativity is a physiological process, the heritage of every human being applying it to his artistic performance. In parallel, he has been exploring his artistic facets studying vocal and corporal expressive techniques in Teatro de la Memoria Chile, Pantheatre Chile, among others and participates in musical projects.

Since 2014, she has begun studying contemporary jewelery at WE- WALKA school in Santiago de Chile, and has participated in specialized workshops taught by national and international teachers, being recognized as one of the two best WE WALKA SCHOOL projects of the year. 2014.

His conviction is that innovation leads to evolution, this in all areas of life, convinced that contemporary art and jewelry are an important means of message transfer and that the alchemy that is generated in goldsmithing, can generate transformation in the human being.


  • Design and manufacture of art jewelry Margaret Greenhill – Jewelry and Objects www.margaretgreenhill.com June 2014 – al Presente, Santiago, Chile.< /br>ATA Technical Consulting. Chile August 2014 – al Presente, Santiago, Chile External Consultant and innovation consultant in projects in the field of agriculture and others.
  • Expert, Project Coordinator and External Member DK Directory. S. A (www.dkchile.cl) 2011 – 2015 Alicante Spain – Santiago Chile.
  • Creative Director, Management Product line Urbocultivos. ECOS s.p.a. December 2010 – May 2014. Co-Founder, Account Manager, Creative Director ECOS s.p.a, Product Design and Engineering March 2009 – May 2014 Santiago – Concepción, Chile.
  • Taller Díez 2005 Jewelery Workshop – Concepción, Chile. Learning of craftsmanship techniques in silver, copper and bronze, for design development and production of jewelry.
  • Consultancy Pipartner Group September 2013 – February 2014 Providencia Santiago, Chile Consultant with a focus on Creative Empowerment for Innovation, product design and patenting. Teacher and Facilitator in Psychodrama and Creativity at PHD, School of Industrial Engineering. University of Chile April 2011 – December 2011 Santiago Chile Creativity Coach.
  • Project Coordinator INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY DESIGN AND RESEARCH CENTER: DK DISEÑO CAPITAL S.A. (www.dkchile.cl) / 2008 – 2009 (1 year) Santiago, Chile Part of the project development team and isothermal container design for the transfer of bulk cargo.
  • Forging Workshop 2004 Forging workshop, arc welding, art objects in wrought iron. Victoria, Chile Learning and implementation of forging and welding techniques, for the development of product design with an approach that integrates craftsmanship and industrial design.


  • 2009 Bio-Bío Concepción University, Chile. Industrial Designer.
  • 2006 University of Bio-Bío. Concepción, Chile. Bachelor of Industrial Design.


  • 2014-2015 WE WALKA School: SCHOOL OF CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY. 2015 WE WALKA School – International Workshop: Marco Montemaggi – Italy, “Marketing strategies and communication for a luxury brand” 2015 WE WALKA School – International Workshop: Martä Matson – Sweden “Moldable minds” 2015 WE WALKA School – International Workshop: Mari Ishikawa – Japan / Germany “Parallel Worlds” 2014 WE WALKA School – International Workshop: Tannel Veenre – Stonian “Copy Paste”
  • 2013-2014 Rows LAV Chile: Santiago Chile, Vocal and Performing Arts.
  • 2012. Pantheatre Chile: Workshop “PERSONA”, Santiago RM. Vocal and Performing arts.
  • 2012. Professional Workshop, Vocal performing and choreographic theater Pantheatre: Dictate for the master Linda Wise, Pantheatre France, PANTHEATRE / ROY HART. Santiago RM.
  • 2011. Theater of Memory: Workshop “Vocal Biography”:. Santiago RM.Vocal and performing arts.
  • 8 / 2010- 4/2011 Concepción Psicodrama School, Training for Psychodramatist, with a focus on empowerment and training of creativity, Santiago, Chile.
  • 2009 Training Seminar teaching “CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT OF LEARNING WITH MUSIC” .- Educational Partnership for the Development of Creativity, Concepción, Chile.


  • March 2015: Porquetevistes Exhibition, WE WALKA School.
  • 2015 September: CH. ACO, Chilean Contemporary art, Centro Cultural Mapocho Station Santiago, Chile.
  • 2015 November: Pure Joya Fair, the Barnechea WE WALKA School, Santiago Chile.
  • 2015 December: Jewelry Art Biennial 2015, “Boundless Jewelry” in Beijing China.
  • 2016 May: TO MAKE: Craftsmanship and Jewelry in the Contemporary Era, WE WALKA, Santiago Joya Exhibition, Casa Piedra, Santiago, Chile.


  • 2014 WE WALKA School, Best Project Award.


  • Vocal performance, dance, bicycle, sharing with friends.