Her work is inspired in rescuing the sense and shining out the value of nature. A nature seen by few, a hidden nature. She emphasizes her esthetical exploration on what she calls “those smalls details”.

In that small microcosmos that lives side by side to our world, that is alive and pushes, it pushes hard.
Her tireless curiosity and her deep exploration of feelings, lead her to zoom in tiny worlds, scents, shapes, textures, sounds and rhythms; giving a voice and setting a macro to that honest and silent beauty that lives besides our daily life and goes unnoticed.
Footprints from termites living on wood, spiderwebs that conquer all corners and entwine its delicate silk as doors to other universes. To talk about empty rooms being colonized by an organic reality, by the moss that shines in corners, walls corroded by moisture of time, of materials that tell stories and that are poetry by themselves.