Margaret is a passionate creator focused on innovation and sustainability. His beginnings saw them as an industrial designer in his native Concepción and from there to the invention. Possessor of 2 patents of invention has made classes in universities about the phenomenon of innovation and how to innovate. With many interests, such as psychodrama, sports and dance, found in contemporary jewelry a language that has allowed her to centen energies in a single creation: Jewelry. Won the WE WALKA School Award for the Best Project 2014 with the series that we show now: “Where is the value?” It is a very beautiful selection of instants, emosiones and designs that combine materials such as gold, silver and copper with reused wood, both from travels in Chile, and from pieces of musical instrument construction pieces.
Today he is in his Second Year at WE WALKA.

“Margaret Greenhill, born in Chile in July 1983, Industrial Designer, Director in Psychodrama and Spontaneous Theater, has developed a career oriented to innovation and creativity, where she has served as co-founder and creative director at Ecos spa until the year 2014 awarding two patents for invention in the area of ​​product engineering. He collaborated as a director and external expert of the center for research, innovation and industrial property, Diseño Capital DK, Chile.

At the design school, he experimented with different materials, feeling fascination for working with resins and plastics, the artistic forge in iron and later the silver work in gold.

She has also worked as a teacher and facilitator in techniques of creative empowerment work that has oriented to understand and disseminate that creativity is a physiological process, the heritage of every human being applying it to his artistic performance.

In parallel, she has been exploring her artistic facets studying vocal and corporal expressive techniques at Teatro de la Memoria Chile, Pantheatre Chile, among others and participating in musical projects.

Since 2014, she has begun to study professionally Contemporary jewelery at WE-WALKA school in Santiago, Chile, and has participated in specialization workshops taught by national and international teachers, being recognized as one of the two best WE WALKA SCHOOL projects of the year. 2014.

His conviction is that innovation leads to evolution, this in all areas of life, convinced that contemporary art and jewelry are an important means of transference of messages and that the alchemy that is generated in goldsmithing, allows to generate transformation in the human being”.

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